2022 has arrived, and this year my young brother an embed & electrical engineer student and I (hobbyist) are determined to end our reliance on local electronic components distributors and start sourcing parts online for our diy projects which often tend to use parts that are often hard to find and sometimes obsolete.

We were getting tired of driving miles and making many phone calls to see if certain parts were available and this had drawn a lot of fatigue until we realised, we could be using electronic components aggregators like oemsecrets.com. Thanks to a friend, another professional electrical engineer who recommended oemsecrets.com; a newish aggregator who are using big data and innovation to change how people procure the components they need for their projects directly from distributors and manufacturers. There are other electronic components search engine to compare parts which will give you equally the same results for free if your a professional buyer.  

Digital tools used by components comparators

My brother and I, are not engineering pros in the IoT world, so we knew if we were going to create products efficiently and maintain our objectives we would need some help especially in sourcing. This is where oemsecrets.com converted us for good.

As newbies, plus wrong age group to call ourselves tech savvy in online search we had to put them on their paces against other aggregators. Even though they had been recommended to us by someone in the industry we had to do some due diligence. We will mention only two other aggregators that came close but their products didn’t standout as much as oemsecrets; these were octopart and findchips.

Why oemsecrets conquered them all

  • Their websites user interface was very easy to use
  • Their results were aimed at benefiting consumers and not their sponsors like other aggregators who showed only sponsored listing
  • They offered more transparency including listing independent distributors and their prices
  • We received personalised service via intercom guiding us through the site occasionally
  • Their use of digital systems felt natural and in a way reinvented human relations as they even shared a coupon code with us helping us save even more 😊
  • Their new Bill of material tool is somehow error proof from manual mistakes as they use MPN (Manufacture Part Numbers) to get the latest real-time data from manufacturers and distributors.

BOM Management Tool: Convenience vs Efficiency

I must confess I love my excel spreadsheets and ever since my academic days I rely heavily on excel to chart my projects, create Gantt charts for my critical paths and managing my bill of materials (BOM).

While populating BOM data manually can be difficult, keeping the data accurate and in real-time is even a greater challenge and we were surprised by this specific BOM tool. Our productivity was increased 10x as we all know excel needs to be manually updated and this in the past made it inefficient, inconvenient and a time waster. Being able to populate and generate a summary on the fly automatically and choose my preferred distributor and even add to cart was the icing on the cake.

Figure 1: BOM Management Tool screenshot

Bill of Material: oemsecrets.com


We’ve been using oemsecrets.com tools for a few weeks now, and I can already notice that my spend is less in comparison to past purchases since I get the best price and match for my parts. By having the choice to choose from a list of preferred distributors has increased my purchasing confidence. But most importantly, this past month, we’ve actually done a pretty good job at sticking to a budget and creating an automated GPS tracked lawn mower which we’ll post on our YouTube channel this summer.