Here at the NHS Transformation Unit, we have a number of major services that we provide for healthcare professionals, designed to be cost-effective and tightly-run in contrast with those of other commercial management consultancies. Our healthcare consulting services are particularly beneficial for those in leading positions within the healthcare sector, and here we will outline some of those in further detail.

To begin with, we have Programme & Project Management. This consists of Programme Management; Project Management; Programme Support; Leadership Development; Training Support; Programme Assurance & Advice; Independent Clinical Review; and Stakeholder Engagement & Management. All of these are tailored towards the specifics of a particular project, and are ideal for those in the position of managing a large-scale, long-term development programme for NHS sites. As the topics demonstrate, this includes a focus on how to analyse the success of a project and how to prepare for potential problems that may arise along the way.

NHS Project management consultants uk

Next up, we have Organisational Strategy & Engagement, which is particularly suited for those in a management position and who regularly communicate with internal colleagues and are in charge of transmitting messages to the general public. The subjects covered here include Organisation Strategy, Form and Governance; eHealth; Integrated Impact Assessment; Consultations; Consultations Stakeholder & Community Engagement; Insights & Research; Marketing & Communications Strategies; Media Management; Workforce Planning & Design & HR; Leadership Development; and Research & Thought Leadership.

NHS Strategic Planning & stakeholder engagement uk

We have a variety of other major healthcare consultancy services, but we’ll spotlight two more here. Strategic Transformation & Planning is one key service that we deliver, and the encompassing topics for this are Case For Change Development; Business Case Development; Service Redesign; Options Appraisal; Co-dependency Assessment; Workforce Modelling; Implementation; and Change Management. There is also Finance & Analytics, ideal for those running the financial side of an NHS unit, and the core subjects here include Financial Modelling; Analytical & Statistical Modelling; Travel & Access Modelling; and Equality Impact Assessment.

NHS organisational strategy and engagement

So, as you can see, we are responsible for delivering a large number of in-depth healthcare consultancy services which are designed to educate leading professionals, enhancing their skills and improving performance, and generally making a big difference to the way that these key figures within the healthcare sector perform day in and day out for the benefit of all.

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