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Instagram has debuted business tools for brands with its app. The new tools launched in late May 2016 include company profiles, analytics, and the ability to cast posts in advertising directly from the Instagram app itself. The theme in the social media platform new set of tools for business is the speed

Tech Crunch reports that in the development of tools, Instagram engaged with hundreds of companies before introduced the tools to identify the key areas for companies that were not served. Company said that they wanted opportunities for their profiles and contributions to stand out, tools that would help them understand their current prospects and those who would help them gain new customers.

“We’ve grown 200,000 active advertisers on Instagram, and the vast majority are small and medium-sized businesses,” says Instagram’s Global Head of Business and Brand Development, James Quarles, explaining the need for a special set of tools for entrepreneurs. And he adds: “Fifty percent of the people follow a business on Instagram Instagram likes getting , and sixty percent learn more about products and services on Instagram.”

The new business profile allows Instagram users to qualify as “companies” to update their account to access an extended set of features. These include the added ability to let customers reach you by phone calls, emails or sms with a tap, and the profiles includes maps and directions for the company, if applicable. Not everyone qualifies as a business on Instagram-only those who can already convert to their business via a Facebook page

“By giving us the payment details as well as giving them some information like their address, phone number, and website,” says Quarles.

With insights, companies need to track ability to observe how well their posts are going along with their audience demographics. Those in possession of the Facebook app will be able to use Facebook profile information for businesses that use their new tools. Important demographic data about audience include age, gender and location, among others.

Rounding out the new tools, Instagram mobile advertising design debuts likes on instagram . Tech Crunch says, “Users will be able to promote well-functioning posts and quickly turn them into ads, and the app can also offer suggestions based on the audience and budget.”

The mobile advertising design easy access to analytics and new business profiles fall into Instagram model for easy to use, simple tools for users and brands. Integrating tools that help businesses continue to leverage what the photo and video sharing app has to offer is the logical next step.

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