Dogs need toys, lots of toys, some for when there’s exercise or walks (such as tennis or rubber balls) and some for when there’s yard time or home time (such as a snacker ball or a chew ball).
Sure they sleep a lot but with all of that sleep they usually wake raring to go and if there’s no chance of exercise immediately you know they turn to the furniture, the shoes, the cushions or just running through your house or apartment as though a ghost is chasing them!
Chew toys are a great way to keep your puppy tiny mouths busy and teeth clean, but not all toys are safe to use. Our furniture and children toys fall victim to shredding by strong chewers like labs, pitbulls and other breeds that stay with us. Replacing furniture can be a toll order and a very expensive exercise. These chew toys save the situation a lot.
At Rangersdog we are all about bringing you great dog toys and always trying to get the balance right between ease of play and durability. We know there are tough dogs out there and achieving that balance is always our greatest challenge. Take a look at our best chew toys in the market. Read our best dog toys picks in this article:

Dog Toys

1. Extra Chew Bone for powerful breeds

When your Labradors or Pitbulls are in a chewing mood these are their go-to bones. Choosing the right toy can be overwhelming but with this it is made to be long lasting for powerful chewers and fight boredom.
• Made to be long lasting for powerful chewers.
• Bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar.
• Provides long-lasting entertainment; fights boredom.
• Satisfies your dog’s natural urge to chew.
• Made with durable nylon for powerful chewers.
• For Large/Giant dogs weighs upto 50 lbs; Bone size: 8 Inch length
• Made with Nylon which is safe for dogs.
• Rates 4.3 in Amazon


2. MEKEET Dog Rubber Ball Chew Toy

If your dog is intelligent enough and can figure out puzzle toys quite quickly, or else he can never get his tongue to the end of the kong, making him give up or bored, and then he is back pulling bins out and scratching your carpets. Get a challenging enough toy like Mekeet dog chew toy to keep him interested.
• Carefully constructed edges and curves gives your dog various biting, holding and chewing options.
• Ideal for Outdoors: Easily put the toy in your pocket or backpack, as its small, compact and lightweight nature makes it travel-friendly.
• The biting options help the toy promote dental health through the massaging of gums and the controlling of plaque and tartar build up.
• The non-toxic rubber material means that the toy is completely safe for your dog to gnaw on.
• Reward your dog and keep him engaged by placing food and treats inside the holes of the toy.
• The strategically designed holes and grooves will help train your dog’s cognitive skills, improving your dog’s overall intellect.
• Rates 4.4 in Amazon


3. Janlyy Dog Rope Toys

Besides being super fun to look at, this modern-looking toy ropes features an ingenious non-choking design that is easy for puppies to grasp and maneuver.
Plus, the ropes at different shapes are great for vigorous gumming and can double as an introductory toothbrush for emerging teeth for small and medium dogs. Developed with your dogs’ safety and activities in mind, they are made of natural cotton fabric which is nontoxic and durable.
• Made of premium quality natural cotton fabric, durable and non-toxic,
• super for small and medium dogs
• Help clean dog’s teeth and control plaque and tartar during chewing, reducing plaque and prevent gum disease.
• Ideal for puppies, adult dogs relieve boredom and pressure and make them happy.
• These chew rope toys are all pretty and attractive and can keep your dog entertained to play for hours when you are not at home.
• Rates 4.7 in Amazon.


4. Bouncy ball chew toy

No more bad breath, after a couple of weeks of chewing these, your dog breath will smell way better as constant chewing is the same as you brushing your teeth! Say goodbye to expensive dog toys and hello to the simple, easiest dog toy ever. An indestructible toy that is great for chewing, throwing, playing catch or playing with your dog/puppy in the pool.
• Certified nontoxic they are safe for your dog’s teeth.
• Ideal for all ages and breeds and an ideal 1st training ball for puppies.
• Can be used as a chew toy or as a rubber ball for fetch, ideal for small dogs or puppies.
• Best used as a snack or treat ball, simply insert your dog’s favorite snack or treat inside and watch them play for ages with the ball to get to the snack/treat.
• Experiment with different sized snacks and also try wet snacks as they stick around longer.
• Rates 4.6 in Amazon

5. KONG Traxx Dog Toy

If your dog is a real chewer and his most indestructible toys do not last too long, with Kong Traxx it has a good cavity can withstand even hours of chewing. You can hide treats on the inside and keeps your hyperactive or teething dog busy for hours chasing it around the house.
• The tough dog chew toy made from non-toxic rubber, safe and very durable for your pet chewing and playing, perfect for teething puppies.
• Helps clean your dog’s teeth and massage its gums that prevents plaque and tartar buildup.
• Release the dog’s sense of separation anxiety. Relieve boredom and depression
• Ideal for chew sessions and games of fetch.
• Recommended by most of veterinarians, trainers and dog enthusiasts.
• Available in two sizes: S and M/L.
• Rates 4.4 in Amazon.

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