Why Online Induction rather than Traditional Inductions?

Majority of the workers in the construction industry have the old CSCS (Construction Skill Certification Scheme) and CPCS card. You might have seen the level of Fraud exposed thought the media regarding unskilled construction workers working on building sites without qualification. By employers using MSite on their construction site, you can do electronic card checks before allowing employees on a building site. With MSite we go a step further as we record the biometrics data alongside the employees CSCS and CPCS cards and this increased confidence to managers that those working on construction site have the correct training and qualification for the task they have been delegated on the building site.
This minimises risks and safeguards everyone onsite as you cannot by pass the construction siter access control perimeters. If the systems flags individuals needing a refresh in construction online induction the HR team with then work with the workers to access the training they need online.
On key advantage of online induction systems is that there is an audit trail that can prove that the training had been watched and using the MSite mobile App employees can do this anywhere on their portable devices like mobile phones and tables.


Site online induction systems

While writting this article, we came across a multitude of other softwares offering site online induction systems. Not one of them offered a the level of flexibility that Msite offers as Human recognition systems developoed the tool with the help of building site managers and property developers in minds. The likes of Carillion, Balfour Beatty. For a Quick review about this system visit this link: www.humanrecognitionsystems.com/right-to-work-checks-construction-software/


Construction right to work checks software

It is best practice to perform right to work checks before an employee commences with work. As an employer its your duty to ensure you employ the right people in your premises more so in the construction industry. Late last year (Dec 2017), 5 men were sentenced to 30 years combined for running a construction forgery factory racket. This was using the traditional CSCS card and although this has been improved by the CSCS card checker been used electonically to pull data in realtime to verify the individuals and qualification its still a long way away from the optimal solution for construction sites checks as you will need manpower to physically do this. A better solution can be found on a Software App called MSite. MSite gives you peace of mind as it will identify rogue workers and those compliant with the UK law.
MSite construction right to work software is an award winning tools gaining traction in the building and infrastructure development sector as it is capable of running the formal right to work check processes plus additional training induction checks to ensure you are fit for the job in questions.

Some of the steps that software runs includes:-

1. Obtains right to work documents
2. Checks right to work documents and see whether you are legal as well.
3. Takes copy of the right to work documents using the software and places it in the cloud for future checks if you are in a building site which is then liked to your qualification portfolio and biometrics data
4. This data is then updated in the Central management systems where management especially HR team can review and help in decision making about resource allocation for the project.

Through our MSite software, the verification of a new worker’s identity and accreditations can be automatically verified against both the CITB and CSCS database. This information is then securely stored online, alongside unique fingerprint data. Since all this hocked up to the construction access control systems you can bar entry or allow entry using the biometric turnstiles as everyone is required to scan their finger to enter the building site.
In a nutshell, using MSite as a workforce solutions software to manage the onboarding process means you cut down on bottlenecks exprerienced by majority of construction firms in the UK.



For more information visit https://www.humanrecognitionsystems.com/product/msite/