Sensor City provides world-class working facilities for both start-up businesses and established organisations. Amongst the rooms that we hire out are those specifically tailored for events. Indeed, event space will always be a necessity, especially for major presentations, networking opportunities and showcases for new, innovative technology and also used as training rooms in liverpool. Here, we will detail what we offer with our event space, and how it can be of great benefit for your company.


Our event space comes in the form of multiple rooms with varying sizes depending on how many people will be on hand; indeed, our different rooms cover anything from 2 to 70 delegates. All of the required equipment will be there for you to use, from chairs and desks to a projector screen to food and drinks for the guests, all within a warm, welcoming and high-tech environment. Everything that you would need is available to use, and we will always be on hand to help out and provide further assistance where possible. In short, we offer the perfect space for both large-scale companies, who will be looking for a fresh way to showcase their services, and for newer businesses, who may be holding an event for the very first time.

The event space can be used for the likes of conferences, smaller meetings, workshops, computer courses and functions. It can be specifically tailored for your needs and recently we have used our liverpool site hire space as a conference venue for training purposes on sensor technology. So, if your company has a major announcement to make with the press on hand and with all of the city’s leading business figures in attendance, we can provide the setting. If you are teaching a class of 15-20 employees about a crucial aspect of your business, we can provide the setting. If you are keeping things brief in the form of a private meeting prior to a special launch or to discuss a serious internal matter, we can provide the setting. In short, whatever you require for your event, regardless of the purpose or scale, we can help you.


The other crucial reason to use our facilities for your event concerns transport. We are situated right by Liverpool Lime Street station, so for any delegates who are coming from outside the city by train, they can easily arrive and sign into the event within minutes, and it also reduces the need for delegates to stay overnight; once the event is over, they can be on their train home within minutes. Our base is also walking distance from the city’s biggest bus stops, allowing those who work within the city to travel here without any problems, and we also have car parking facilities for anyone driving in. If you’re holding an event, it needs to be somewhere that is accessible for everybody, and Sensor City embodies this philosophy through us being ideally situated right in the middle of Liverpool.

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