Today, we’re examining a bit of the best lager and wine drinks that we have expects here at Chais Cepage. There is an overall flair to the drinks that we will discuss here, and with the World Cup currently in advance, it’s a fitting time for you to examine Calais brew and wines from a wide combination of social orders.

Starting with brews, there are some phenomenal home-created things to peruse, having been made in the United Kingdom and Ireland. These consolidate Special Brew; Kestrel Super; Kestrel Lager; Carling; Holsten Pils; Guinness Original; Draft; Guinness Fes; Strongbow Cider; and K-Cider. As ought to be self-evident, there are a ton of choices here, so on the off chance that you’re hunting down a superb British brew, there’s no absence of options!

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In case you might want to test some non-British brew, in any case, we have drinks from a broad number of objectives. We have Becks Bier from Germany, Peroni from Italy, Carlsberg Lager and Carlsberg Export from Denmark, and from France, we have Kronenbourg 1664, Desperados and Desperados Red. We in like manner have seven lager brands from the Netherlands, fourteen from Poland, and bunches more from other European countries. Hence, with respect to lager deals, we have an enormous range dependent upon what you are hunting down and what you may wish endeavor!

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Concerning wines deals, again we have a gigantic measure of choices for you to investigate, a noteworthy number of which similarly begin from by and large territories, for instance, South America. This immense extent of brands consolidates Kumala; Admiralty House; Aniston Bay; Jack Rabbit; Echo Falls; Blossom Hill; Ernest and Julio Gallo; Paul Masson; Turner Road; Oxford Landing; Lindemans; Cawara; Banrock; Hardys; Yellow Tail; Jacobs Creek; Oyster Bay; Stowells; Penfolds; Barefoot; Yellow Label; Red Label; Eagle Hawk; Rosemount; Torres; Nobilo; Anakena; Isla Negra; Toro Loco; Pays D’oc; Le Piat D’or; Sunrise; and Koala Tree.

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As ought to be self-evident, there are such gigantic quantities of producers that we work in light of and bear that each one of these associations has their own specific specialities of wine, suggesting that there are a wide range of refreshments and flavors. Also, remember that we moreover give various distinctive collections of wine from over the globe, so again you have a colossal number of decisions with respect to picking the right wine for you to welcome this pre-summer.

Thus, in case you value your lager and your wine, interface with Chais Cepage and we’ll find the best drinks for you! Find more on our site by visiting our point of arrival here ==>>

We are discovered a short routes from the Calais Ferry port and have splendid parking space for an extensive variety of vehicles from family vehicles to pickup trucks and immense vans. You are welcome to call us (0033 (0) 785 74 79 97) in case you are in a flood and we will get your brew and wine assurance arranged for pickup.

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June 11, 2018