When you’re buying a car on finance, there’s a good chance that you will be planning to travel long distances on a fairly regular basis. It could be visiting relatives who live some way out, it could be for family days out, or it could just be that you want to explore what this country has to offer. In any event, a car has to be up for the task if you’re hoping to be driving long-distance more often than not, and so to help you out with deciding on what your vehicle of choice might be, we’ve highlighted some of the best long-distance cars on today’s market.

Vw Golf Finance

We’ll start with a classic range in the Volkswagen Golf. If you’re going to be driving up and down the country, especially with the family in tow, you’ll need a car that is comfortable and spacious, yet one that also feels intimate and packs a lot into a moderately-sized motor, and that is a great way to sum up the Golf. It’s a sporty model (hence the name), and it’s proven to be extremely popular with customers for many years now. The motor is quiet, the engine functions seamlessly, the seats are supportive for passengers of all ages and sizes, and the price is very respectable for a series that almost every driver will have heard of. Add to that the fact that the Golf is available in a wide variety of colours, and it’s clear to see why this Volkswagen car is one of the market leaders for long-distance travel.

Skoda Superb Finance

If you’re looking for something different, though, we suggest the Skoda Superb Estate. The name implies that this model is of a high standard when it comes to driving, and – well – it is! It’s larger than the Golf, being an estate car, and the biggest compliment we can give to this series is that the primary goal is to deliver a first-class driving experience. That might be stating the obvious, but the innovative features and striking touches are minimalised in order to focus on the actual mechanics of the car and ensuring that you have the most care-free, enjoyable and easy drive possible. For long-distance journeys that can last several hours and enter various road conditions good and bad, this will be music to a driver’s ears, and it makes the Skoda Superb Estate just that: superb.

Range Rover Finance

We finish with another very well-known range: the Land Rover. It’s even bigger than the Skoda Superb Estate, and it is specifically designed to deal with the toughest road surfaces and all forms of weather. This is particularly useful for families who are going on active day trips, such as rock climbing and camping, and the sheer size of the vehicle means that a comfortable experience for all passengers is guaranteed. The engine on this motor is a beast, and the exterior adds a feel of power and intimidation on the road. We noted earlier about how a car has to be up to the task for long-distance driving, and the Land Rover is certainly well-equipped in every way to handle such treks.

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